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Volunteerism Facts

The Super Role Models Program
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Volunteerism is an important ingredient of the glue that binds the family to its community. It allows adults and children to serve the community and then pass on important values to its children, youth, and other adults, and to expeirence a shared sense of accomplishment - all at the same time. Below are some benefits of children Volunteering.

*Parents - Become a positive Role Model to your child! Schedule Family volunteerism projects once a month!

*Kids - Have a lemonade stand and donate the profits to your church, civic group or favorite chairty! You can make a difference!

* They gain a shared sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from giving back to the community
* They can discuss service and community issues with their peers, as well as make new friends.
* Volunteering creates positive role models for children and youth.
* Volunteering builds the self confidence
* Volunteering improves communication and support skills
* Volunteers meet people of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds
* Volunteers have an opportunity to share time and talents.
* Giving to others places a volunteer's own problems into perspective.
* Volunteering helps children and teenagers relate to other generations
* Volunteer work can show the youth how to solve their own conflicts.
* Volunteer work gives youth a sense of purpose or belonging
* Volunteering develops pride.
* Families can participate together in special events (eg., walk-a-thons) without having to leave the kids behind.


Hey Kids: Get going, Get active, Get INVOLVED with the Super Role Models Program!