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S.R.M. Projects

The Super Role Models Program
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Below are the Super Role Models Sponsored Local Charity Projects

The 2006 Miss Georgia Mid-South Pageant:

To be held in Macon, Ga. The pageant will take place April 8, 2006. Girls ages 0-23 years old are encouraged to enter. All proceeds will go into the Super Role Models Program and distributed to local Central Ga. Charities.


Relay or Life - Houston County:

Corporate Sponsor: Central Georgia Pageant Systems,

Team: Super Role Models

To be held Friday, May 19, 2006 @ 6:30pm

at the Perry fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia.

Volunteers for this event will be walking to fight cancer as well as raising donations to support the American Cancer Society!

All volunteers on the Super Role Models team will recieve a free Super Role Models Team t-shirt to wear! All participating beauty queens are asked to wear their crown and banners.

2006 Miss North Georgia Christian Queens

Hearts and Warm Thoughts:
This project will take place on Feburary 5, 2006 in Atlanta Georgia. Each participant will make handmade Valentines Cards, which will then be hand delivered to the local nursing homes. This project will be in conjunction with the Miss Georgia Christian Pageant Board.
Feed the Need:
This project will take place during the Holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and ending in Christmas. Participants will be encouraged to set up boxes to collect canned and boxed food items that will be taken to the local food bank.
Santa’s Elves:
This project will take place during the Christmas season. Participants will be encouraged to collect toys to donate the Salvation Army Safe House, Macon’s Battered women’s shelter.
Project Prom Queen:
The project will take place during the early spring months of 2007. Prom/Formal Dresses will be collected and then distributed to local orphanages and shelters for young girls. This event will be sponsored by a local formal dress shop.

If you have an idea for a project or if we can help out your charity in some way, let us know! Send us an email to:

Hey Kids: Get going, Get active, Get INVOLVED with the Super Role Models Program!