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About Us

The Super Role Models Program
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Our Purpose

"Lauren, what is the Super Role Models Program?"

Hello and Welcome! My name is Lauren Ray and I am a proud volunteer for over 11 years! At 23 years of age, I reside in my hometown of Macon, Georgia and I love my community!


One of my main hobbies is pageantry and I have competed since I was 16 years old. I started my own non-profit pageant system in 2004 and I am proud to say that we have raised over $4,000.00 for local charities. My pageant system is what has inspired me to begin the Super Role Models Program.


The Super Role Models Program exists to advocate the importance of volunteerism through the youth of America.


As a child, I grew up watching my mother give her time to various organizations out of the goodness of her heart. She never expected anything in return and never won any awards for her volunteerism efforts, she simply wanted to help make the world a little bit brighter for others. She was my inspiration for this project.


Because I followed in the footsteps of my mother, I began my volunteering for different organizations at the young age of 12. I have volunteered and still continue to support organizations such as, The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army Safe House (Battered Women’s shelter), The Middle Ga. Orphanage, The Georgia Children’s Hospital and many others.


By volunteering at a young age, I have gained knowledge and insight into our country’s needs. There are so many things that we can change and we need to instill these ideas into the youth of America. Kids today will be affected positively if they get involved in some sort of volunteerism project and then our community, state, nation and eventually world will be positively affected as well.


This website provides an outlet, along with ideas, on how kids can get involved.  Kids ages 0-up are encouraged to participate, and parents are ALWAYS welcome.



Super Role Models are boys and girls who want to make a difference! By volunteering your time and God-given gifts, YOU can help to make the world a better place! What are you waiting for? Get involved!


Hey Kids: Get going, Get active, Get INVOLVED with the Super Role Models Program!