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The Super Role Models Program
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Queen For A Day
Official Home of the Georgia Chapter
(QFAD through the Super Role Models Program)
State Director: Lauren Ray

Having fun being a "Queen for A Day"!

This project is for the Central Georgia Pageant systems beauty queens. These girls will be asked to attend at Queen for a Day party at the Georgia Children's Hospital. Other Georgia Beauty Queens will be asked to attend as well.
Queen for a Day exists to raise the self-esteem and self-confidence of girls with cancer. We execute this mission by hosting parties at cancer facilities and giving the girls manicures and makeovers. The unique characteristic of QFAD is that every girl receives her own tiara! These tiaras have been donated by title holders throughout the nation. Each girl is dressed in a pink fur-trimmed robe and given a bouquet of roses for a special Polaroid picture that she can take home. We do not discriminate on the basis of age and have crowned girls from 17 months of age to 21 years old.  

Most people assume that putting makeup on these girls and proclaiming their beauty encourages self-evaluation through outer beauty. However, by taking this direct approach to their self-esteem issues, we teach them to overcome physical insecurities rather than distracting them from their situation. Research has proven that positive attention, as given through QFAD parties, can improve the physical condition of those with illnesses - including cancer. Even family members who attend benefit from the party. Mothers see their daughters as little girls, not children sick with cancer. We also include siblings of the cancer patients in the makeovers and manicures. Many times, siblings can be overlooked while the family tends to the needs of the cancer.

Many girls lose friends because of their situation. Most people whose friends become sick do not know how to handle the situation. Therefore, not only do girls who are ill suffer from low self-esteem because of their looks, but they also are affected from losing their social life. QFAD strives to provide a time where they can forget about treatment, needles, and loneliness.

While we cannot guarantee a cure for depression, we are there to shower them in positive attention and to create happy memories to sustain them through these hard times. One purpose of giving them the tiara is to provide something tangible with which to remember the day. Whenever they have hard times, they can simply put on the tiara and escape from their troubles into a world where they rule - a world where they each are "Queen for a Day."

Jenna Edwards, founder

Some of Our local supporters will include:
The Macon Knights Football Team and Cheerleaders,
Local Television/New Stations (for coverage of events)
And many more!

To support the Queen for a Day foundation, please vist the website: for more information!

Hey Kids: Get going, Get active, Get INVOLVED with the Super Role Models Program!