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Registered Contestant Info. - Ga. Mid-South Pageant
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Important Information for all Registered Miss Georgia Mid-South contestants

Scoring: Baby through Little Division (0-7 yrs)


Beauty - Natural, age appropriate, overall appearance: 1-20pts

Personality – Grace, stage presence, relaxed and natural smile, eye contact

natural flow 1-10pts

Attire – Dress style and fit, age appropriate,  1-10pts

Maximum Points: 40 pts.


Scoring: Junior through Miss Division (8-23 yrs)


Beauty – Natural, age appropriate, overall appearance: 1-20 pts

Personality – Grace, stage presence, relaxed and natural smile,

eye contact, natural flow 1-10pts

Attire – Dress style and fit, age appropriate,  1-5pts

Introduction – Comfortableness while speaking, clearness, creativity 1-5pts

Maximum Points: 40 pts.


Judges Instructions: *These are the instructions given to the judges. Just so you will know what we are requesting from them*

1.)    In all divisions but especially in the younger divisions, we stress age appropriateness. We are NOT considered “full glitzy” and we are NOT considered “fully natural”. Hair, makeup, rhinestone dresses are fine, as long as they look their age.

2.)    Concerning the introductions for the Junior-Miss Divisions, we encouraged the girls to be creative. But not to exceed 45 seconds. Also, please take into consideration the comfortableness and ease in which they speak.

3.)    No comparison judging. Judge each girl as if she is the only one competing.

4.)    Please write constructive and positive comments


Directions to the Auditorium:

1.)    Take I-75 to I-475

2.)    Exit at the Zebulon Road exit # 9

a.      If coming from the south, you will take a right

b.      If coming from the north, you will take a left

3.)    Go past the Kroger on your right and the Walmart on your left

4.)    Go thru the stop light at Chic-fil-A

5.)    At the next stop light take a right

6.)    The school is up ahead on your right


Times and Dates

April 3, 2006 @ 6:30-7:30 – Workshop for girls ages 0-7

@ the FPD Auditorium

April 3, 2006 @ 7:30-8:30 – Workshop for girls ages 8-23

@ the FPD Auditorium


April 8, 2006 @ 11:30am-12:30 – PAGEANT DAY!

Registration for ages 0-7 @  1:00pm – Pageant begins w/ Baby Miss group

                                      @ 12:30pm-1:30 – Registration for ages 8-23



Contact Information:

Please ONLY call if you have a serious question or are lost on the day of the pageant, we will be very busy. 229-630-3513 (Lauren’s Cell)



Leigh Murphy: Head to Toe Pageantry Hair and Makeup. Ms. Leigh is the best when it come to her craft! Contact her for pricing information and appointment times.  or


Michael Kinsaul Photography: He will taking some AWESOME pictures so you can remember your pageant day! Package sheets will given at the workshop as well as at the pageant. Check out his website if you are in need of some new headshots.


Ms. Wendy with the Glass slipper will be at the workshop showcasing some of their most stylish gowns in pageantry. Visit their website!


Liz Waldroop will be attending our pageant offering her wonderful products for all little princesses. She specializes in crafting women’s and children’s jewelry! Please check out her website:




Remember girls ... You are all winner's in God's eyes! Hold your head high and be proud of who you are!